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How to Select High Quality Solar Street Lamp
Feb 05, 2019

I. Accessories Purchasing Channel

In order to save costs, some powerless manufacturers make a lot of fuss on solar street lamp accessories, purchasing some third-rate unqualified suppliers'accessories, such as: battery panels, battery capacity, light source, etc., will purchase from some irregular accessories manufacturers, low prices, poor quality. They can only meet the needs of customers at low prices, but they can not give customers the quality assurance they really need.

II. Judgment of Performance Components

Solar internal system components are mainly composed of panels, controllers, solar storage batteries, lamp sources, lamp poles, accessories and so on.

1. Controller: When choosing the controller, it is relatively simple to know its waterproof performance.

2. Solar panels: Consider the color difference, charging current, open circuit voltage, material, conversion efficiency and other factors of the photovoltaic panels.

3. Battery operation: It is necessary to understand the specific types, discharge rate and working environment.

4. Lamp source: There are many manufacturers of light source, but the number of manufacturers passing the product quality is not too many. Choosing brand light source is the most important step to ensure the quality. Otherwise, there may be failure or even damage, which has a great negative impact on the application of solar street lamp.

5. Lamp pole and accessories: depending on the material. Most suppliers use less than two kilograms of pipe diameter and wall thickness, poor quality steel, cold galvanized surface, resulting in poor wind resistance, poor surface treatment process, will cause plastic layer falling off, color loss and other problems in a short time.

III. Manufacturer Qualifications

Although many manufacturers purchase better quality accessories, the stability of the products produced in lighting is not so strong, the main reason is that there are corresponding problems in matching. Matching performance is one of the most important indicators, so it is very important to understand the corresponding matching performance.

IV. Installation Environment

Consider the installation of local environmental issues, climate, humidity, lighting and so on. Different roads in different climates also need to choose different materials.

Five, price

One thing to remember is that cheap is not a good product, because from the production, assembly, distribution of street lamp accessories, manufacturers in all sectors need to earn a certain profit, including the maintenance of normal labor, equipment, plant rent, daily expenses and other costs, so do a good job of a quality street lamp, the price must be higher in the same industry, cheap solar street lamp, quality is: There are problems, the later maintenance costs will be higher, for users, the latter maintenance will be worse.

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