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Three Maintenance of Solar Street Lamp
Feb 22, 2019

1, The maintenance of lamps

Solar street lamps and traditional street lamps is similar, do not let the street often in a humid environment and do not use frequently on the street lamp switch, generally do these two points, lighting solar street lamps should be able to prolong the service life.

2, Battery maintenance

The core part is the solar cell solar street lamp. The working principle is the daytime solar panels absorb sunlight into electricity at night on battery power, the lamp lights up. So I want to maintain a good solar lights, solar street lamp battery maintenance to do.

The solar battery must do to prevent rain but also to carry out cleaning and maintenance measures, timing panels lighting surface, to prevent dust intrusion. Also note that the solar battery temperature should be controlled, not too high nor too low, but also to avoid full discharge. Want to live longer, the battery must be the most can not ignore the place.

3, Line maintenance

The traditional street lamp needs digging lead, line maintenance is very troublesome. But it does not require different solar lights, digging leads, the focus is on maintenance connected with the assembly line. Want solar street lamp normal operation should be checked regularly to see whether the line line, such as aging, aging, must be promptly replaced. In fact, solar street line maintenance is relatively simple, but also can not ignore this, to arrange the regular inspection, to ensure the solar street lamp can operate for longer periods of time.

Solar street lamp has attracted more and more attention, it has no effect on energy saving and environmental protection, environment, and convenient to install. But solar streetlight maintenance must be paid more attention, so it will be longer life!

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