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What Is The Future Development Trend Of Solar Led Street Lights
Aug 05, 2020

As a light source with outstanding characteristics such as high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and easy maintenance, LED solar street lights are extremely meaningful in development under the background of global energy shortage.

solar street light

With the improvement of people's requirements for all aspects of life, the significance of the development of LED street lights is not only its lighting characteristics, then what is the future development trend of LED solar street lights? Now NOMO GROUP discuss with you about this.

1. Environmental protection and energy saving

LED solar street light is a lighting appliance manufactured by using light-emitting diodes as a light source. It is a cold light source. During the lighting process, it will not produce carbon dioxide and other environmentally polluting substances like high sodium lamps in the past. Moreover, the LED lamps are driven by DC, no flicker, no infrared or ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, can effectively protect the environment.

In addition, the LED light source can directly convert electricity into light, and most of the light can also be directly irradiated to the designated area. The utilization rate of the light source can reach about 90%. Unlike other light sources, there is a certain start-up time problem.

Relatively speaking, the LED light source loses less energy during the working process, and has higher energy-saving efficiency. Compared with traditional high-sodium lamps, it can save energy by about 40% to 75%, and the energy-saving efficiency is higher.

The development and popularization of LED solar street lights will inevitably achieve substantial energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon lighting, and the goal of creating green lighting from indoor to outdoor.

solar street light

2. Comfort

LED light source has very good color rendering, better restore the original color of the object, the color temperature range is large, no visual error will be caused when changing, and it has a strong light-emitting direction, and has a perfect dimming function. Good adjustment of the neutral light close to natural light, the glare value is also small, reduces visual pressure, looks more comfortable, and meets our physiological health needs.

3. Aesthetics

People's living standards are improving, and the requirements for many things are not only their most basic functions, such as solar street lights, which bring lighting at night, but also require its aesthetics.

In fact, there are also many solar street lights that have made a lot of effort in their modeling to bring light and also enrich the space and bring better visual effects.

However, the beauty of the shape is not enough. The light source itself can become art. Compared with other light sources, LED has an unparalleled advantage in light color, basically covering the entire range of visible light, with good monochromaticity and color purity. It is also very high. The combination of these colors gives more meaning to the existence of outdoor solar lamps and becomes a kind of visual art.

solar led street light

In the future development of LED solar lights, it is bound to pay more attention to the organic combination of functionality and artistry to create a comfortable and beautiful lighting effect.

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