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Solar LED Street Light with Auto Cleaning and Iot

Solar LED Street Light with Auto Cleaning and Iot

NOMO integrated self cleaning solar street light could automatically clean the solar panel twice every morning when the light is off, and self cleaning twice every night when the light is on. If you choose NOMO solar street light management system, you can increase or decrease the cleaning times at any time.

Our company has been committed to Aluminium Smart Grid Solar Street Light, Outdoor Integrated Solar Streetlights, Mini Solar Light Post For Garden business for many years, covering many domestic and foreign markets. In the face of severe challenges, our company changed pressure into power, accelerated the pace of technical transformation and increased investment. Welcome customers from all over the world to guide us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Integrated smart solar panel self cleaning street light

self cleaning solar street light

In a society that strongly calls for energy conservation, solar street lights are gradually replacing traditional street lamps, not only because solar street lights are more energy efficient than traditional street lamps, but also because they have more advantages in use and can meet the needs of users. 

As we all know, solar street lights are generally installed on the main roads and secondary roads of the city. It is inevitable to withstand wind and rain. Therefore, if you want to extend its service life, you should regularly maintain these solar street lights.

self cleaning solar street light

So how should we maintain these solar street lights on the street? 

The main thing is to regularly clean the dust on the solar panels. If the dust on the solar panel is too much, it will affect the charging effect of the battery. If the supply of electric energy is insufficient for a long time, the light will be dark or not bright. 

Moreover, if the dust on the solar street lamp is regularly wiped, the aesthetics of the street lamp can be ensured, and the aesthetic appearance of the street lamp is equal to ensuring the beauty of the city, and it will not give a dirty impression to the person who first came to the city. The development of the entire city is also particularly beneficial.

Under normal circumstances, if there is more dust and it does not rain for a long time, it is necessary to clean the solar panels for about three months, but in this case, the human and material resources consumed are relatively large. 

Fortunately,  we have the NOMO integrated self cleaning solar street light, there is no need to consider such a problem. The solar panel is automatically cleaning twice every morning when the light is turned off, and automatically cleaning twice every night when the light is automatically turned on every night. 

If you choose our solar street light management system, you can increase or decrease the self cleaning times at any time.

self cleaning solar street light

Advantages of self cleaning solar street light

1. Updated according to our all in one solar street light Hyperion series.

2. The self cleaning is in built cleaning system, more stable.

3. Self cleaning unit could be replace easily.

4. Convenient maintenance, no need other cleaning medium.

5. Intelligent remote operate by solar street light management system.

6. MONO crystalline silicon solar panel with high transfer efficiency up to 21.6%.

7. Top level LiFePO4 battery, life span above 4000 cycles.

8. Different specifications could be customized.

9. Cleaning unit life span is about 3-5 years which means in 3-5 years no maintenance cost. 

After 5 years, if charging speed is not fast, you could consider to exchange the self cleaning unit.

10. Zero maintenance cost.

Self cleaning solar street light


Power of PV module100W
LiFeP04 battery capacity346WH
Qty of LED chips48pcs
Dimension of product1295*350*80mm
Lumen output4000LM
Optical DistributionTypeⅡ
Visual Angle140°*70°
Color Temperature2700-6500K(customized)
Working Time3-5days
Dimension of carton1375*420*140MM
Woring temperature -10℃~+70℃
storage temperature -20℃~+45℃
Wind Load Rate35m/s
Top of Pole or Tenon OD60-80mm
Recommended intallation height4m to 6m
Recommended intallation distance15m to 20m

self cleaning solar street light


1. Q: Can I install a self cleaning unit in my old installed solar street light?

    A: Sorry, it can not. Because in order make the cleaning unit is stable, we develop the cleaning unit is an inbuilt design. If you want self cleaning solar street light for project, you could share us your requirement freely.

2. Q: Can I take a sample of self cleaning solar street light for testing?

    A:  Yes, contact with us directly.

3. Q: Does the self cleaning of solar street light is useful?

    A: Yes, it can keep the solar panel always cleaning and make the solar panel transfer efficiency keep high status always.

4. Q: I can arrange worker clean the solar panel, why do I need your automatically cleaning solar street light?

   A: Generally if there do not have rainy days frequently, the solar panel will have many dust. So about 3 month need cleaning. Since the solar street light is installed, the light is at about 3-10 meter height or more, so your workers need work at so high height to cleaning, this will make the worker in dangerous place. the cleaning efficiency also very low, may be only clean about 30-50 lamps. If a project more than 1000pcs, this will cost few months.

5. Q: Why do you develop the self cleaning solar street light?

    A: As a professtional solar street light manufacturer,  we undertake the mission of vigorously developing the solar enery industry, we are doing kinds of research of solar street lights on how to make a perfect unit to make the solar panel keep cleaning status and how to know whether the solar panel is in high efficiency. We got many comments from our customers about what problems they meet, We designed many kinds of cleaning plans and keep finding a perfect cleaning unit material to keep the long life span and also considering many kinds of harsh environment. Till now 3 years gone,  our self-cleaning solar street light is designed and installed at many kinds of projects, all are woking very well. We believe that more and more projects will choose our self cleaning solar street lights.

Our Solar LED Street Light with Auto Cleaning and Iot remains as good as the samples we send, and we can promise that there will be no degradation in quality. We transcend class, fully appreciate outstanding talents and achievements at all times, and expect everyone to be perfect every day. Our company has a deep understanding of modern management.
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